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Okay, I’ve moved from spaces.live.com to WordPress. I’m baaaaack.

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Yes, I am on Facebook, but still post most things here.
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James Bond Movies Project

 (2009) I recently completed a lengthy project that was most satisfying. I have been a fan of 007 movies since I saw my first one in 1965 and have collected all of them, twice — once on VHS and later on DVD. Over the years, while watching the movies multiple times, I became aware of many events, objects, animals, and other things that appeared in many different films in the series. Although they were different in each movie, the fact that they were repeated interested me.
In 2008, I initiated a study of the 20 Bond films produced by Broccoli/Wilson and starring Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, and Brosnan. I captured over 2000 still shots from the DVDs to illustrate my findings, after creating a list of 50 items to study. I enjoyed every minute of this project, and the results are posted here, in the Public file folder, in the document titled Commonality in 007 Films.
This activity has spawned some ideas for future similar projects that would involve studies of the more than 400 movies in my collection, and I hope to pursue some of those ideas in the near future.
Note: This was written on spaces.live.com, before that site converted to WordPress. On spaces, I was able to post files, but apparently cannot do so here. So, the document referred to is not available here. I will be happy to share it with anyone interested, if you  request it.
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